Thursday, May 15, 2014

make it shine...

spring sunshine USE

It's been in the high 90s in los angeles. In some areas, over 100 degrees.

And yet, the very dedicated hipsters are still wearing their wool knit caps and sporting full on beards. I salute their commitment and wonder about their health.

Even though we have gone straight into Summer here, in other parts of the country Spring is still in bloom.

Even if it might be grey and gloomy, you can always add a touch of sunshine into your home with color.

So go ahead, bring in the warmth and sunshine with your favorite hues. Woolen caps and itchy beards optional.


16-x-24-pillow-in-modern-deco-yellow-taupe-tilework-p1-pmd24-200px-200px  0004266615619_180X180knaprig-vase__0169334_PE323263_S4bradstreet-settee-in-a-modern-damask-golden-yellow-nic-lx-pp-200px-200px     roscoe-metal-arm-chair-in-cottage-stripe-marigold-yellow-340-200px-200pxa-206      lexi-dining-chairs-(pair)-in-parisian-butter-yellow-velvet-(-200px-200pxmercer-hand-blown-glass-table-lamp-in-sugar-cane-8520-tl-200px-200pxFSTM_200x225
tumblr_lsx2vwDtKz1qb4ldlo1_400  simpatico-meyer-lemon-hobnail-candle   20-x-20-pillow-in-bird-flock-saffron-yellow-and-cream-p1-pmb-200px-200px20-x-20-pillow-in-vintage-sun-washed-floral-tan-p1-paf23-20a-200px-200pxduncan-large-button-tufted-cube-ottoman-in-parisian-butter-y-200px-200px

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denise said...

the lemon tray is fabulous

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