Thursday, May 8, 2014

saving for a dream...

It seems silly to dream about a coffee table.

But that was one of my early dreams when I was first starting out in Los Angeles.

Of course there were the long reaching dreams/goals that seemed way less attainable.

A great big coffee table that I could put books on and eat a late night dinner, while watching TV, felt to me like I had *made it*--It symbolized a finished room.

After spending a couple of months living out of my car, back in the day, getting a small apt. was a luxury.  Saving up for the large coffee table finished off the dream in my head. A vase of fresh flowers, a few art books from the local thrift store, and a carton of Chinese food completed my portrait of domestic bliss.

Now that I have the good fortune of being able to participate in the production of a piece of furniture, a substantial coffee table is still one of my pet projects.

It has to be large. Not fussy, so that it can be practical as well as stylish, and it has to be affordable.

I saved for almost a year for my first dream table. If Colin was around when I was building my little escape from the real world, table top dreaming would have been a reality a bit sooner.

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