Monday, July 14, 2014

coffee table style...

4 simple steps to create your own coffee table style:

1) Get the look of a really large and grand table by putting two smaller ones together. The really big ones tend to have an equally large price tag that can be bigger than the cost of two smaller tables.

2) Remotes are swell but not always the most beautiful things to look at. An inexpensive bowl (mine’s from IKEA) OR a vintage box can hide their lack of style.

3) Add some color and texture underfoot. A big coffee table deserves a large rug under it. Play against type—if your coffee table is rustic, go with a soft/smoother more contemporary rug. If you’re dealing with a sleek/modern table, add a rustic rug.

4) Don’t forget the personal touches. They really make every design project.



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