Monday, August 18, 2014

1-day before and after part 2...


Part 2 of this Loft Makeover was the living area.

CHALLENGE: I knew I wanted a space to relax in as well as gather with friends. Something comfortable that felt personal and inviting. Also, it need to feel like a centered living room that was it’s own area. Once again, painting was not an option in the rental but finding a way to add color was!


1) I built a seating area around a large and very comfortable sofa. Usually I would have gone with a solid color, but I was feeling adventurous and since I had designed a grey plaid traditional framed sofa as a prototype, for a possible new rollout for angelo:HOME, I decided to bring the *test* sofa back to L.A. after the last High Point Furniture Market. On the opposite side I flanked it with the simple, yet classic ROCHESTER Sofa from West Elm (in their stocked color, Shadow)

2) Behind the plaid sofa I placed a red Chinese cabinet (it holds Christmas ornaments) and used it as a way to add height with an inexpensive ($99) wood mirror from Costco, that I white washed with left over paint from my house. The pale blue ceramic vase with artificial peonies, are always there to add a dash of color all year round.

Adding two of the SILLA Chairs (one in the plaid and one in the midnight charcoal) helped round out the seating situation.

3) I followed the “pairs” theme by pushing two reclaimed wood and metal GREENWICH geo Coffee Tables together to create one big table. As you probably already know, I’m a sucker for a large coffee table.

4) Underfoot, I added the largest rug I could find. The loft has concrete flooring throughout and as much as I love the look of it, it’s not always the most practical when you’re walking around barefoot. Plus, in a larger open space adding a rug can really help in defining a room.


5) To the right of the main seating area is a wall of windows that run from the living area into the dining room. It’s a pretty long stretch, about 22ft before you enter the dining area…I added a couple of CARISSA Arm Chairs for a separate seating area. Behind them I placed the CAFE Bistro table as a spot for morning coffee AND a place to add some height. With tall ceiling, if your don’t go up (especially in the corners of a room) your space can have a tendency to look a bit off scale.

The vintage alter table was a great place to add some more height and some personal touches that help to warm up the concrete loft.

details8USE-1024x743details9USE-989x10246) The only real wall, is the one to the right of the living room seating area. This was my big opportunity to be able to hang any artwork, which was a good thing since the art became one of the primary ways for me to add some color to the space. Also, it was a great way to camouflage the TV. Within a wall of art, it gets a little lost when it’s not on. Also, I was able to add more height with an old Indian door leaned up against one end of the art wall. Once again, if you can organize all your resources and have a plan– a makeover without any painting or construction can be completed in a single day!

Go Forth and Design Well.   


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