Saturday, December 27, 2014

cake layering for your room...

The Joy of Cake in my life is well documented.

So, it should come as no surprise that I like to layer, when designing, in order  to make the most of a room.

Especially in a small space!

Three simple steps to achieving your perfectly layered room:

1) Add height, with art work or a piece of furniture. 
This makes a small space feel and look grand. Plus, if you use a bookcase or furniture piece, it's perfect for extra storage...always necessary in a small space.

2) Bring in a Pop O' Color. 
This helps to energize a space and make your room feel like more than just a single style note. Just like's when you add the the unexpected (salt) that brings the sweetness to life.

3) Personalize. 
Add your finds, art, hand me down pieces. This is where you home tells a story that no other house can. Even if you bought a piece of furniture that other's's in the way that you accessorize and use it that sets you and your room apart. 

benjamin-sofa-in-lavender-field-linen-vrn-s1-lin72a-200px-200pxlily-accent-chair-in-lilac-purple-herringbone-340c-aya77-119-200px-200pxmokka-55-zinc-cocktail-table-mk-cts-8916-55a-200px-200pxkenthal-blown-glass-table-lamp-in-tortoise-8560-tl-200px-200pxmokka-24-zinc-end-table-mk-ets-8916-24a-200px-200pxiced-tea-tins-pomegranate-oolong-21215-200px-200px    simpatico-hobnail-glass-candle-in-cozy-6203-200px-200px PF_14_T1430_VDAY_VA0038_W1_SQ    mds1000-576cornerjpg-393px-393px

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