Sunday, December 28, 2014

easy modern style...

modern style USE

For me, creating a room that feels modern and fresh is all about keeping it simple without making a space feel too start of plain.

1)  Start with a neutral sofa. It's easier that way to build around it. If you choose one with straight arms you have more versatility in creating a modern room. Also, if your style changes, you can still add more traditional pieces to the room and your soda with clean lines will fit right in.

2)  Add pattern with your accent chairs and or rug choices. With a neutral choice in your sofa, you can pretty much go in any direction with color and pattern in your accent chairs.  Also, adding metal and natural wood finishes is a great way to add warmth to character to your modern style.

3)  Don't be afraid of the details. Keep them to a minimum in order to not overdo the clean lines of your modern decor. Things like button tufting can add dimension and interest to a simple piece of furniture, without taking away from it's functional style. This is also another great area to add a little bit of color and/or pattern.
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