Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ottomans, it's not their fault...

I know I'm grossly dating myself, but there's a scene in the opening credits of a sitcom from Olden Days (The Dick Van Dyke Show), where the main character trips over an ottoman as he enters his home. There's a clip of it below.

I used to watch this show in re-runs All. The. Time.

I loved it.

Something about the way the relationships on the show played out, and the way it looked and felt made me feel comfortable. I wanted to know those people. Hang out. Tell them that, "There's an ottoman IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! Watch OUT!"

Maybe even move it for them. I'd probably move everything, because that's what I do.

What always bothered me about the show, was the tripping over the ottoman part in the opening.

It felt like the ottoman was cast as a villain.

Now, I remember an alternate opening when Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke) realizes the ottoman is there and side steps it. He still sorta, kinda trips, but this time it's over his own feet--after he has avoided the *dreaded evil ottoman*.

Even way back in the day I was geeking out over furniture and furniture placement.

Thankfully, the ottoman has come a long way since it's days of trying to flatten unsuspecting civilians.

It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture and one that is the most versatile--that's why I design it in as many style incarnations as possible. I use ottomans in almost all my personal design projects and I certainly have them in my own home.

They're a great way to add color, pattern and function with little effort at a great price!

By the way, I have yet to trip over one.


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dstoutholcomb said...

lolol I found myself humming the opening song.

We always had an ottoman and/or hassock (Grandma called hers that, but hers was the round kind with a lid and storage inside). We had both styles in our house when I was growing up. Not evil.


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