Wednesday, May 20, 2015

dining room love...

When it comes to dining rooms, there are options.

Our living rooms seem to get most of our design attention, but there's lots of hope and choices for the room that often has my favorite activity...hanging out with friends and with food.

When choosing a style for your dining room, do you go with a neutral palette, or add a spot of color to make an existing brown or black dining table come alive, OR do you combine a little bit of both?

As you may have guessed, I tend to flip flop.

I love all the looks equally, so I have a few chairs that are colorful and some that are neutral. On some occasions it's an all neutral, classic look and other times...I mix it up. I usually mix it up when it's a sit down meal for more than 4 people. I have four all neutral chairs and 4 in color.

Plus, you can always play with dishes, glasses and accessories to easily give your dining room a fresh new look.

If you have room, add a bar cart and/or narrow sofa table along a side wall. That can act as a buffet or staging table for dessert (of course, dessert!) when you're entertaining. OR it can be a great place to lean a mirror or large piece of art, a table lamp and vase of flowers. Create your own vignette. This will help add another layer of style to a room that can sometimes feel like it doesn't get the same kind of design love that your living room does.




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