Monday, May 11, 2015

freshen up...

I'm in the middle remodeling. It's always a jumping off point for me to want to re-do more than just replacing the plumbing.

As important as plumbing is, let's be's not exactly the sexiest or most fun part of tearing your home apart. BUT, it does get me thinking about what else I can do. 

Usually, it doesn't even take that much. Just moving a dining chair can get the wheels spinning into "what else can I do, move, re-hang?" mode.

So, in honor of all of that...let's talk about adding some fresh style.

1) Here are some wall colors I am totally groovin' on right now.


2) My favorite cake of the moment, and believe me when I say it's not easy for me to pick just one, is BAKED's Aunt Sassy's Pistachio. As if there would NOT be a reason to try a cake named after an Aunt Sassy.

3) Mix wood and metal finishes. It can make traditional style feel fresh and updated AND modern looks a bit warmer and inviting.

4) You can never go wrong with fresh flowers/plants and a great vessel.


5) Add some vibrant pattern. Even if it's in small touches, like an ottoman, accent pillows or side chair. It can really energize a room and freshen up existing furniture pieces.

6) Don't fear the large color choice. It sets a mood and a great starting point to fresh style.

7) Go forth and Design Fun!  


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