Tuesday, May 26, 2015

jessica, milo and 325sf...

You know how much I adore small space living.

It's probably the closest I can come to solving a math equation. Creating the most of a small room is like a puzzle and math problem all rolled into one.

Jessica & Milo have really tackled the small space dilemma in their 325sf., Brooklyn Apartment.

Check out the adorable video from Apartment Therapy (below) and their story HERE. What does Milo do after Jessica falls asleep? I'm intrigued about his *other life*


dstoutholcomb said...

so cool!


Anonymous said...

reminds me of my NYC studio apartment. If one of us wanted to stay up late and read the only option was to go sit in in the bathtub. I read a lot of great books in the bathtub.
And now I want 1950s police mugshots!

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