Tuesday, May 12, 2015

my renovation project 2015 - sneak peak...

When I bought my new house (right before the Holidays last year) I knew that even if I couldn't do anything else to the home before I moved in, I would at least work on the kitchen.

It's the one room I spend the most time in and when friends are over, no matter how nice the rest of the house is, that's the place everyone gathers and stays in.

Since it's an older home (1920's California English Tudor) I wanted some traditional looking accents (like antique bronze/aged brass type accents), along with some modern conveniences.

Mixing metals was never a fear. Since the appliances I was scouting, within my budget, were stainless...I knew I had to choose the hardware/lighting I wanted (more on the antique/aged brass side) in order to create the perfect mix.

The key was to select the larger materials like, countertops, wall color, tile and cabinetry, in a more neutral and complimentary palette. That way, my finishes acted more like accessories...and you can always mix accessories!

Also, I went "off the shelf" with as many materials as I could--it was a great way to keep costs down and also speed the process along.

Here are a few of the resources that went into this (more of the remodel to come).

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dstoutholcomb said...

very nice--thanks for sharing!

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