Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a little behind the scenes...

And a little shameless self promotion...

Check out the makeover I did with Naya Rivera for her NEW baby nursery, featured on My Domaine. 

You can also see the Behind The Scenes photo shoot video HERE.

Here are some pics from the shoot and you can read the whole article, as well as Naya's inspiration and sources HERE.

The goal was to create a sophisticated nursery that had a touch of whimsy. 

Also, it was important to Naya that the room easily transition as her baby grew. 

I used furniture, like the changing table, that was a real adult furniture piece and I added the changing topper and pad on top. Also, the crib can transition into a bed once the baby is old enough.

Naya loved the idea of a neutral background with the Black, White and Ivory choices, and then she  wanted to layer in color with accents, toys, books and lighting. 

I added a few vintage finds, like the old-timey light up globe, along with new classics...like the original art work that Naya found at a flea market. 

The whole room works with the rest of the house and yet still feels like the perfect, unique space for Naya's new family to take flight!

I've worked with Naya for a few years now and on a couple of different homes with her. She has an amazing eye for style. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't. She LOVES design and once a decision has been made...she gets out of the way and let's me do my thing. 

She is THE ideal client. 

Love this woman and she is more beautiful and glowing than ever.

Happy New Nursery, Naya!


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dstoutholcomb said...


I never bought a changing table for my three boys--just used regular dressers and put a changing pad on top like you did--guess I was ahead of my time! ;)


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