Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the mix continues...

In my on going quest to make it safe to mix styles, here's a few examples of the *mixing* in action...from my own home. You know, the never ending remodel and test lab for all things design geek-like.

In the dining room I wanted to add some architectural details that were somewhat in keeping with the 1920's SoCal English Tudor home, so enter the spiffy ceiling medallion. It was a simple, inexpensive fix to dress up a neglected ceiling. Then, in order to keep things fresh and not get too stuck in the 1920's, I added the mod looking pendant light.

I love the idea of keeping the more permanent details in the style of the home and honoring the architecture. Then, with the more fluid design choices, like lighting, accessories and accents, that can be changed out down the road with more ease, creating a juxtaposition with a style that is slightly (or dramatically) different. This really makes for an awesome energy in a room as well as a visual feast.

In the living room, a bit of classic styling with my Carissa accent chair partnered with the modern geometric lines of the throw, along with the whimsical accent pillow...make for a personal vignette. With accessories, do not fear the mix!

My motto is this, if it can fit in your car, it can fit back in the car if you need to return it because it didn't work in the room. Be more measured and methodical in your choices with items that have to be delivered.

Designing your home is not an exact science. Have fun with it.


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