Thursday, July 16, 2015

it continues...

One project always leads to another.

And as much as I love a good project, sometimes I like the idea of a finished home even more. In theory. Because the reality would be, I'd tear something up just to have a new project.

Ever since I moved into this new house (Baxter Manor) earlier this year it has been a nonstop flurry of renovation projects. Most of the big construction type ones are done, so's all about the details.

As you may already know, there was wallpaper installed on one wall going up the staircase a couple of weeks ago. You can see the before and after HERE.

The wallpaper project turned out great, but it didn't fully finish off the entry or the upstairs. The adjoining walls remained white. The contrast felt unfinished.

Since the paper was pricey and there was a budget to keep in mind, I decided to paint the remaining walls the background color of the wallpaper. I brought the paper into Benjamin Moore and they color matched the background.

It turned out to be Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray 2126-30

I painted the little nook at the bottom of the stairs. I'll continue with the color on the adjoining wallpaper wall going up the stairs and also in the upstairs landing hallway. The master plan (it can change at any moment) is to turn the upstairs hallway into a flea market art gallery. 

Adding the color really helped complete the nook. 

The mirror was a $40 flea market find that I painted gold. 
It's an awesome contrast on the dark wall. 
Also, you can see the remaining wall going up the stairs reflected in mirror.

The table was a dumpster dive find. 
As I was leaving an Antique Mall, empty handed, 
I decided to drive around the block and check out the neighborhood. 
One street in I spot this little table on the curb with all the trash bins. 
It was in perfect condition and just needed to be dusted. Not a scratch on it. 

Next up, the upstairs gallery wall of thrift store and flea market art. Stay tuned. 

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