Monday, July 6, 2015

lions and tigers, oh my...

You always hear about the -details- from designers and how important they are.

No argument from me.

When details start taking shape in your own home you see their transformative power up close and it's kinda awesome. 

I've been redoing rooms and homes for as long as I could drag furniture from one end of the room to the other, and the change of a space never ceases to amaze, inspire and make me all sorts of goofy design geeky giddy!

This weekend, my beloved Beastly Guardian Wallpaper from Walnut and made in Brooklyn, NY by Flat Vernacular went up!

When it was finished, I danced around like the solid geek I am. It was glorious and I swear all the delicious 4th of July food tasted even better because of it. 

The paper is a U.S.A. made/hand printed gorgeous work of art and it's pricey, so I was able to only put in on the one major wall that anchors the staircase. It's the first thing you see when entering the house, so it make's for a great focal point. Since that wall runs into a few others, mainly upstairs hallway and small nook at the bottom of the stairs--in order to save money (there's still much to do) I will color match the wallpaper background and paint the remaining walls myself. It will complete the look and stretch my home renovation budget. 

Wallpaper Forever!



dstoutholcomb said...



Laurie Barton said...

Really amazing AFTER pic. The power of the right paper!! You deserve your "happy dance"

Anonymous said...

beee-u-ti-ful!!! That house is going to be amazing!

HenryGeometry said...

Very classy!
Susan H.

Unknown said...

It changes the entire look. Gorgeous!

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