Thursday, August 6, 2015

creating high/low style...

For most of my life...the way I would decorate where I lived was less, High/Low and more Low/Low.

Those years really allowed me to cultivate a way of using inexpensive finds and making them feel more stately. 

I scoured (still do) Ikea looking for pieces that don't look too ikea-y. Or for things that can easily take on a new appearance and feeling based on what they are next to. 

Even though I have more to spend on home design than in the past, I still love bringing in great, cheap finds. 

Yes, I said *cheap!*

The appropriate word here, for designer speak, would probably be *inexpensive*

Let's be honest. My finds are cheap. I am proud of that. They are the $20 flea market art work treasure that come already framed. The $6.99 Ikea Ribba Frame. AND the great B&W magazine photo that I tear out and stick in a $1 thrift store gold gilded frame, and hang next to something a bit more...let's just say, not Cheap.

I always tell you to "Mix It Up!" 

I truly mean it. I do, every day in my home and in my work.

Great design is not an exact science OR dictated by a price tag. 

Go forth and design well!



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dstoutholcomb said...

One of the many reasons I adore you!

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