Monday, October 12, 2015


I love Halloween!

This year, my friends and I will be dressing up as the characters from one of our favorite movies.  The Melissa McCarthy comedy, SPY and passing out candy.

Ed, the angelo:HOME brand manager, will be the Jude Law character. He kind of looks like him and has the tux to pull it off. He's working on his British accent in order to fully get into Jude's character, Bradley Fine.

My best friend Jennifer gets mistaken for Rose Byrne all the time. She's be turning her hair into a "rat's nest" and going as Rayna Boyanov.

Jennifer's fiance, Louis, has a shaved head and can look rather intimidating, when he wants to. He will be Jason Statham's character, Rick Ford.

I will be portraying Melissa McCarthy's, Susan Cooper undercover as Penny Morgan, a divorced housewife from Iowa who sells Mary Kay products and collects porcelain dolls. 

It Will Be Glorious. Baxter will observe from a safe distance and judge us. Like he's apt to do.

Stay tuned for pictures.

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dstoutholcomb said...

I can give you some Mary Kay props--I sold it years ago. I can't wait to see the pix from the party.


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