Saturday, October 17, 2015

pumpkin posing...

Sometimes, you just have to pose with pumpkins.

The angelo:HOME brand manager (Ed) and I are in High Point, NC for the Furniture Market.  We love coming here for many of the obvious reasons...Furniture, Food, People, but when it's this time of year, we also love coming here for the Autumn goodness.  

We usually stay in Winston-Salem and walking around the Old Town part of W-S is pretty much the best of everything you could want for this time of year.  You must check out The Flour Box Bakery and Tea Room.  The mother/daughter duo that run this place make all their own pastries and it's right in the heart of Old Town Winston-Salem.  I had coffee and chocolate chip cookies, though I was mesmerized by the creamy looking pumpkin cheesecake.  The cookies were swell.

This trip to market is especially exciting for us, because we are in the process of making some big changes in the way we create and manufacture our brand.  I'll still be designing every piece under the angelo:HOME brand, but the manufacturing and offerings will be completely new.

We can't wait to share all the details, successes and inevitable stumbles with you as soon as we can.  It's always a little scary starting something different, but we truly believe that keeping things "as is" or "staying within your comfort zone" isn't necessarily the best place to be creative.   Our new partners are hard working, good people who share our vision of great design, quality, value and integrity.  We're excited all over again about what we get to do and *What's Next*! 

Here's to a NEW Season!

Maybe I'll have the pumpkin cheesecake tomorrow to fully ring it in.


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