Friday, October 2, 2015

smells like fun...

Making something from nothing is an exhilarating and mostly daunting task. 

The failures are numerous and the urge to call it quits comes up a lot.  A LOT.

But perseverance can be a funny thing, because it let's you glimpse into those rare moments when something goes right.  It's in those moments that you're hooked.  You want more of them, so you keep going past more failures and sleepless nights to connect with the "right" and when you do again, it pushes you for a bit more.

It always helps to have a tireless partner in crime.  A person you trust without exception.  Someone that thinks all ideas are worth trying and isn't shy about throwing themselves, sometimes blindly but gloriously, into the unknown. 

I have that partner in Ed.  

He and I have each been creating fun and unique candles for friends and family for more than twenty years, and after opening our angelo:HOME brand store in Los Angeles, we decided to make and share our candles with everyone! 

We named the new venture Baxter Manor after our little guy, Baxter.

We really do make each candle ourselves.  We use only the best ingredients in them.  This is the candle we use in our own homes. Plus, we always have one burning in our DTLA store!

After a year of testing, questioning and a lot of melted wax, as well as some really awful fragrances, REALLY Awful ones, we are so excited to share this venture with you all.  

We currently have 14 different scents. 

You can check them all out HERE.

We hope you like them as much as we do!
-Ed and Angelo


dstoutholcomb said...

How wonderful! Congratulations! I bet they smell wonderful!


Beth said...

Fun! Congrats, you two! Just in time for fall! (For some of us anyway. Fall doesn't seem to want to arrive in your part of the world.)

Unknown said...

Happy for you guys! !!! Very exciting stuff!!

angelo said...

Denise, Thank You so much! The reaction from customers in the store has been really positive with the scents, so it's very exciting! There were some odd ones though during early was touch and go.

angelo said...

Mark, Thank You SO Much! We're very excited. -A

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