Tuesday, October 20, 2015

it's like a dream come true...

My love of pasta goes back to about three or four years old.

I lived in Greece for the first few years of my life with my Grandparents.  My grandfather and I would go to the ocean and fish for octopus.  In my wee mind, I thought I was helping him but I'm sure it really came down to me just putting my hands on the small octopus, after it had been procured.

We'd bring it home and hang it in my grandmother's yard on the clothesline to dry.  She'd then cut it, season it and put in no top of thick pasta noodles in a big pan and bake the whole concoction in the over.  It was spectacular tasting.  I was a little baffled when we moved to the States that I never saw octopus hanging on clotheslines.

My mom used to make pasta, top it with mizithra cheese and seer it all with burnt butter.  Sometimes, just a hint of fresh ground pepper or parsley.

I've been enjoying pasta in all forms, including the Greek version of Lasagna, Pastitsio.

So, this Pasta Pie recipe from FOOD52...is right there in a special place in my semolina soul.

You can find the recipe HERE.



dstoutholcomb said...

Ahh, sweet memories.

dscheaney said...

I've never seen anything like that (nor have I seen octopi hanging on clotheslines...sheltered life I guess). It looks amazing!

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