Monday, November 9, 2015

design geek love...

photography via FonQ

You already know about my love color, so here's my latest design geek love. 

Milanese architect Stefania Vasques's new colorful clay cookware line is stunning.

It's made of fireproof terra-cotta which is known for its heat-diffusing properties, plus the muted and matte color palette, along with the clean shapes give the cookware a modern feel.

They also have an instant classic vibe.

These gorgeous pots can be used in ovens, on stovetops, in microwaves, and over flames...they're also fine in the dishwasher.  

I love it when something beautiful is also beautifully practical.

photography via FonQ

The line is called TERRA COTTO and Stefania Vasques designed it for the Italian cutlery company SAMBONET.  In the U.S., Rodale's, Unison Home, and Bliss Home carry it.


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