Sunday, November 8, 2015

holiday-ing it up...

So, we've actually started getting some Holiday orders for Baxter Manor candles.

I sound surprised, because I am.

It's not that I'm not proud of what we're making or that I am not in love with the candles...especially the eucalyptus right now, but it's always slightly odd to me to make something and then put it out into the world.  

The first Baxter Manor candle that Ed sold in our store and then excitedly texted me to let me know, I started to text back..."Tell them they don't have to buy it, Or let them know if they don't like it..."  Then I stopped myself and deleted the text and just wrote. "Awesome!"

Now actual people, not just our friends and family, are ordering candles on our web site for the Holidays.  What that what?! 

We're making them, shipping them out and beyond thrilled that you all have been soooo supportive of this new venture of ours.  We love what we get to do!

Happy New Season.


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dscheaney said...

congrats! (and I so feel everything you just said!)

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