Wednesday, March 2, 2016

hello, details...

This past year I've been in the midst of designing a new collection. 

Some of the new items are available now (you can view them HERE and HERE) and many others are either arriving later this year, or are literally still on the drawing board--going through adjustments, final tweaks, or just being scrapped because they suck (what was I thinking?), or can't be fully realized at this time.

The process is never the same twice. 

What's always a constant are the details.

All kind of details, from aesthetic ones, to quality, function, cost, shipping, sustainability, and the biggest one...why? 

Why this instead of that? 

Sometimes, the answers are strong and clear and other times...not so much. They're messy and a bit confusing and a lot of "What is happening?" That used to bug me. Really drive me banana-crazy-pants. Then, I'm not sure when, I kind gave into it. Not because I reached some higher understanding, but because I got tired. Banana-crazy-pants can take it out of you.

A key element to fully realizing a design from concept to finished product, is often a good does of "what just happened?" The thing you didn't plan for. The detail you never saw coming. It presents itself in all it's awkward glory and you welcome it into the fold. 


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Laurie Barton said...

Even tiredness is a type of inspiration. If you love it, it is enough....

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