Thursday, March 10, 2016

fresh and new...

If you're a regular reader of this blog you probably already know about my lilac thievery.

Here's a refresher:

Back in the day, there was a lilac bush near our apartment in Chicago.

It was my go-to place for Mother's Day. 

I'd cut a bunch of lilacs, put them in one of my Mother's vases and present them to her as if it were an unruly beast that I had spent all day capturing. 

To be clear. These were pre-teen years. 

I later found out that the *wild* lilac bush that I was taming with my tiny little school safety scissors, was actually a neighbor's. They would watch me with confusion and some delight. BIG kudos to them for not shooing me away--which they had every right to.

If you can't find a neighbor's lilac bush to thin out...may I suggest our NEW Baxter Manor Lilac Candle?

A Few Fun Facts about Baxter Manor:

1) The line was named after my dog. Who pretty much has the run of the place.

2) Each candle is handmade in our Los Angeles studio by us (Ed and Angelo). 

3) We only produce four candles at a time. We are committed to small batches. 

4) We use soy from local U.S. farmers. 

5) Our wicks are 100%cotton (zinc/lead free). 

6) Essential and fragrance oils are used for the scent and they are phthalate free. 

7) The glass hexagon reusable jar is simple in design and it comes with a silver metal lid. 

8) We wanted to create a candle that we would buy. 

9) We do all our own photography (I shoot it on my iPhone) here at my house and we designed the label. It's a true small business venture in every sense of the term. We even pack and ship them off ourselves.

10) It comes in 8oz for $14 and 11oz for $18.

11) Up to 70hours burn time.

Feel free to check out all our scents and find out more HERE.

Thank You, 
-angelo & ed

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dstoutholcomb said...

Yay! I was hoping they would still be available to buy.

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