Thursday, March 17, 2016

look away...

I need a new car like I need another slice of cake. 

In case there is any doubt, I don't.  

But I'd like one.

My current Volvo XC90 is only a couple years old and it's my dream car. 

Actually, my first dream car was the Volvo wagon. I was eight when I decided that was the car for me. Imagine what a "cool" kid I was in my neighborhood...I wanted the car the other kid's parents drove. 

In High School while my contemporaries were dreaming on fast sports cars or shiny, sexy luxury cars, my mind was off in some beautiful Swedish dream that was all about the road trips I could take in a Volvo wagon and the stuff I could haul in it.

My first car was a wagon. A used Honda civic wagon in bright yellow that was dubbed -the duck- I couldn't swing the Volvo.

Once I was able to afford one, the shiny Volvo wagon was all mine. With my first wagon I think I may have cried a little. Maybe.

The second wagon was certainly not "old hat" but it felt slightly more like it was mine. The first never seemed like my dream was really happening. 

My current Volvo is the third.

When I decided to trade up a couple of years ago and go bigger, I ordered the new (at the time) SUV. I didn't test drive it. I didn't even ask to any questions other than, When will it arrive?

Today, I had to take my car in for service and they were swell enough to give me a loaner. The NEW S60. It's nice. It's a sedan. I wasn't tempted. I need the room schlepp furniture and for that possible road trip. The car was ready later the same day. When I went back to the dealer to pick it up, I wandered into the showroom while they were pulling my car around.

Not wise. At all.

It was there that I saw, in person--I had already seen it on line, stalked it on line, the NEW XC90 Hybrid. It's glorious. I felt the way I did when I was eight. My skin started to tingle. The palms of my hands got all sweaty and when I got in and sat in the driver's seat (I know, why? Why do that?) my whole body just melted right into the glorious Swedish comfort and design. 

Most car interiors make my poor wee design obsessed mind go bonkers. Even cars that are beautifully styled on the outside are complete disconnect on the inside. What is happening in the car design process? 

This one though...oh. my. sweet. mother. of. pearl. 


It all comes together. All of it works and it's luxurious without being all showy and *look at me* while still being very beautiful. The attention to detail struck the perfect balance between function, design, modern and classic. I peeled myself out of the car before there was an embarrassing situation and went to retrieve mine. The good news...once I saw my car I felt nothing but gratitude. 

I love my Volvo. I feel really fortunate to have it. I drove away in it with the same feeling I had when I first bought it. 

It's just nice to know that my dream car maker can still have that effect on me all these years later. 

Go Swedes!

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