Wednesday, March 2, 2016

office style...

Currently, I have an official room in my house that's an office. 

It feels very grown-up. 

Prior to this, my office was part of the living space. 

When I spent time in New York it was a small desk that doubled as an entry table, in the hallway of my studio apartment.

In L.A., when I was loft living, my desk was part of the whole living/dining room area.

My new angelo:HOME desk was designed with the idea of being able to fit almost anywhere. It's sleek, modern, stylish and ready for you to add your own personal style.

-FREE shipping.
-Under $300
-Overall Dimenstions: 30"H x 48"W x 24"D

More pics, info and how to purchase HERE.


1 comment:

dstoutholcomb said...

love it--my son likes this kind of desk

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