Wednesday, March 30, 2016

put it in neutral...

For someone that decorates with a lot of color, I am sucker for a good neutral. 

For all the neutrals, really.

When putting my home together, or a client's, I always use a lot of earth tones and natural elements to create a foundation. Layering color into a room comes last...except for those times I fall in love with something truly bold and unexpected. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to use it, or where exactly it will live but it follows me home anyway. The details can always be worked out later when you fall in love. 

The outliers can be good for us. Especially for those of us that strive for order.

Even more reason to embrace the neutral. It makes all our other choices, even the questionable ones that we love, live in harmony with the rest of our home.

AND even more swell don't have to pick one neutral shade and go all in with it. Mix it up. Layer greys over browns and tans. Throw in a metal leg table next to your wood base sofa. A walnut wood finish will play nice with a sandy pecan stain. A little black to navy blue won't hurt either.

Also, here's a little secret...ANY color can become a neutral. Seriously. Even something as bright and bold as yellow, green, orange, turquoise or red. All you have to do is just tone down your favorite color--down to a pale hue of it's original bold saturation and BOOM. You've got a new neutral. You can then layer some boldness on top of that in order to not overwhelm your room with your favorite palette.  -angelo

Here are a few of my current favorites that I'm decorating with:

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