Thursday, March 24, 2016

spring color...

This week I was in Chicago for work and I could almost feel the tulips, that had been planted along Michigan Ave., start to bloom. The leaves and green stems were visible, but they hadn't opened up yet. 

This was one of my favorite things about living in Chicago...seeing all the tulips--full bloom in all the flower beds throughout the city. I left before I could witness the tulips greet the city.

There's nothing quite like Spring color.

If things haven't started blooming yet where you are, here's some awesomeness that will bring in the colors of the season.

From Sweet Paul, this colorful coconut milk pound cake with coconut cream cheese frosting. It's Spring on a plate AND you can eat it! And it's cake. You know how I feel about cake. 

Recipe HERE

Photography by Food by Abbey Stolfo | Styling by Viola Sutano | Photography by Meg Smith 

From Terrain, faux and real flowering branches can instantly set a seasonal mood. They're a great addition to any room and you can control how much or little of a color you want to bring into a space. I love how just the simplest arrangement in a simple glass vessel can look like art up against a plain wall.

And in the category of self serving/self promotion, I bring you our NEW apartment AH bedding collections. I designed them with two things in mind...Fun, Spring-like color and to make them affordable. You can check them out HERE

Happy Spring.  -angelo

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