Tuesday, March 8, 2016

the marlton hotel...


As with all hotels that I dream of living in, the New Marlton fulfills my top 10 reasons of why I would want to live here: 

1) Good-Looking without an attitude.
2) Old-Timey Style with modern conveniences lurking behind paneled walls.
3) A great restaurant.
4) A great bar.
5) A great coffee bar.
6) A very walkable neighborhood.
7) A fireplace.
8) Attention to details.
9) Comfort.

Plus, the added bonus that it combines my two top favorite cities. It's Paris inspired, New York based. If someone is walking around with a British accent I may never leave.

The rooms are tiny but the style is huge. They are available in 100sf, 125sf, 150sf and the penthouse suites are 425sf. with a terrace included.

Rates start at $250 a night and you are given a key to your room instead of a key card.

There's plenty of room in the lobby, restaurant and bar to spread out.

This place used to be a former flophouse located on West 8th street. It was built in 1990 as a cheap place to spend the night. It's the brainchild of Sean MacPhearson. He's the owner of other hotels that I could live in, The Bowery Hotel and The Jane. With this place, he lead the renovation himself.

Everything in the Marlton has been made new but looks like it's been like this since the building first arrived on W. 8th street. The hotel's French flair is close to Washington Square Park and the surrounding neighborhood. Plenty of great restaurant options, once you've gone through the mediterranean menu at the hotel restaurant...Margaux.

There's also an espresso bar directly across from the front desk.



dstoutholcomb said...

Looks fabulous!

Beth said...

Oh, good for Sean! It's a lovely space and more affordable than my beloved Bowery.

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