Tuesday, April 19, 2016

color outside...

We have a SALE going on right now on outdoor pillows. They are the easiest way to create seamless style from your indoor rooms to your lounging/entertaining space outside. 

Currently, actually for the last year, I've been groovin' on yellow. It's been the accent to all the dark grey, brown and midnight blue I have in my larger upholstered pieces. So, as we get ready to finish the backyard deck...wait, can I just say, it's been a big (huge) undertaking--maybe a bit more than we bargained for (the deck), but what we're saying to ourselves is...it will be so worth it once it's done. That's what one says, a lot, when one is doing any kind of renovation. 

I say it almost daily. 

You can see some of the progress in the photos above. I'll share with you the finished version once we get there. 

Getting back to the easy part of it all...when the deck is finished,  I'll be adding some yellow accents to the new outside seating area in order to create some much needed and adored indoor/outdoor flow. I may even paint a few old planters I have, from the previous abode, yellow and pop in some lemon trees. We'll see how I'm feeling once this project is done. I may just lie down. 

In the meantime, you can check out all the styles and colors of our outdoor pillows HERE.  -angelo


dstoutholcomb said...

Yay You and Ed for the DIY Deck!

Beth said...

"I may just lie down" made me laugh.

Lounge. On the deck. With a panful of tiramisu.

And dude, what at the dimensions of that sucker? It looks huge!

angelo said...

Beth- The dimensions are ridiculous. It's apoox 900sf. Our first house was 1,100sf. I've had apartments (including the NY place) smaller than this deck. It's crazy banana cracker pants. Dude.

Beth said...

My house has been added on to twice, but I'm pretty sure the original footprint was less than 900 square feet. Way to keep things subtle, guys! :o )

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