Friday, April 15, 2016

stylish storage...

Putting things away in neat piles, in drawers, or organizing a shelf is relaxing for me. The action of making everything clean and tidy calms my sometimes spinning mind.

I've been known to randomly start shuffling desk papers at a friend's house that I've been invited to for dinner. 

When putting together our new City Grove collection with the fine folks at Walker Edison, it was important to me that the aspect of storage and organization was seamless with design and value. 

The bookcases can be used on either side of the TV stand for additional storage and display, or framing the City Grove desk. They're sleek, yet really provide tons of room to manage books, files or anything else needing to be put away.

Both the coffee table and end table were designed with an ample second shelf. I own a lot of coffee table books, mostly on cooking and photography. And on photographing food. I think you get the idea. That bottom shelf comes in handy for displaying them.

Finally, making it easy and affordable are always two pieces of the puzzle we work hard to make part of our brand. With this collection, I think we got there.

Happy organizing fellow design geeks!   -angelo

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