Wednesday, May 11, 2016

easy dining room tweaks...

images and dining chairs from angelo:HOME (above)

My dining room doubled as a photo studio. I wanted to illustrate my love of styles not having to all match. Dining rooms in particular can become a place where we feel the need to buy things in a *set* That's changing more and more, but in my line of work I walk into more match-matchy dining rooms than not. 

Let's see if we can change that a bit with a couple simple tweaks!

1) If you have a really great around it. Maybe you inherited an awesome dining table, found one at a flea market or maybe you stumbled on new one that is the table of your dreams. If it's an old table with matching chairs and you want to keep the chairs, think about reupholstering them. Adding modern fabric on a traditional frame would look stunning. OR maybe you can paint the chairs. If the table is new, instead of buying a set, buy the chairs separately. Maybe in color(s), or in a style that is different from the table, OR maybe even a mix of styles. I've always liked the look of tall traditional chairs at the head of the table with the rest being more contemporary. Even a bench on one side.

images from lonny (left) and apartment therapy (right)

images from southern living (above)

2) Add the odd man out! A color, a texture, a style that's not like everything else. It can really energize and reimagine a room that is traditionally not the most exciting room in the house, even though one of the most exciting activities takes place within it's walls...EATING!

image juniper studio (above)

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dstoutholcomb said...

Love the turquoise chairs--they're kitschy!


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