Tuesday, May 31, 2016

explore summer...

Our Summer Candles are here and if I can brag a little...they're pretty awesome. 

Yesterday, during our Memorial Day bbq I burned a couple of blood orange candles. It felt and smelled like the best of Summer. The bbq chicken and corn on the grill helped as well. 

Our NEW Baxter Manor Candles combine some of my favorite Summer scents.

Natural fragrances like a mellow Raspberry Vanilla, succulent Blood Orange, Fresh Garden Mint, rich Jasmine & Honeysuckle and many more. Ed has even blended a very special Island Citronella to help keep the pests away during our Summer outdoor entertaining! Explore all our new scents HERE

And as always, they're made in small batches and shipped to your home by us...here in Los Angeles. We use only the finest ingredients we can find and truly value your feedback. We're always experimenting with new fragrance ideas and packaging and can't wait to share with you our newest developments.  

Happy Summer!
-ed & angelo

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dstoutholcomb said...

they sound delightful!


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