Wednesday, June 15, 2016

brighten up...

Yellow has often been a difficult sell to my clients.

It tends to be polarizing. I get it. 

It's not instantly a color that feels like it will blend in or that it "belongs" in a room, but those are the very reasons I love it. 

Imagine a bowl of your favorite pasta noodles with your favorite sauce. Now, imagine that dish with the best freshly grated aged Pecorino Romano available. Next level flavor! That's what a great yellow can do to any room.

The color livens up the rest of the space. It adds that extra layer of style flavor while still giving us the overall feeling of a sunny, soothing, mellow vibe.   -angelo

Here are a few of my current yellow obsessions:



dstoutholcomb said...

I try to be open, it's a hard sell when Mom had so much Harvest Gold in the 70s/80s. And, the yellow K-Car station wagon with the "Mom's Taxi" bumper sticker--so embarrassing to drive at 16. :)

angelo said...

D- I TOTALLY get it! -A

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