Tuesday, June 7, 2016

color crush...

I've never met a color I didn't like. 

No, really. Even one that may not look good in an isolated instance, I always think about how it might work in the proper context.

With the color blue, I don't have to think too hard. It does all the work for me.

No matter what hue, blue always works.

Here are a few blues I'm more than happy to sing about.

We met David at the Pasadena Flea Market. It was before we where getting ready to open our store in downtown L.A. and we were looking for fun, local, interesting, affordable products to sell along with our furniture. His handmade wood block votives stood out. Everything he makes is done in his Southern California studio. David's mighty crafty and also a really swell guy. 

These Illinois crafted headboards are beautifully made to order and on their way to your home in about two weeks. I've designed these headboards to fit any decor and to also bring a bit of color and sleek style to one of the most important rooms in our home.

Changing out knobs and pulls is one of my favorite ways to re-fresh kitchen/bath cabinetry, update an armoire, change the look of a desk or a chest of drawers. Adding unique and colorful details can make even the everyday feel personal and fresh! 

Who does not love a good accent pillow? As you may already know, it's my design superhero. So versatile. So easy. So ready to transform that bland sofa or chair we've gotten bored with. These are some of the best made and also a swell value. 

One way to really make a statement with a color choice, is to create a grouping of like items. In the entry nook of my home I have a collection of white vases. Probably over 20 of them. None are rare or expensive, most are flea and thrift store finds with a few retail ones thrown in, but the collection as a whole feels more important than it is and it creates an awesome visual impact. These vases are a great place to start.

This is one of my favorite pieces of accent furniture. Aside from being so versatile, an ottoman provides the perfect canvas to add color and/or texture. 

Don't settle for a boring light fixture. Use color. Add an oversized shade, when appropriate. Make a statement with your lighting and there rest of your room will look that much better for it!

Our settees and chairs are made in Illinois by folks that love what they do. They make each piece once your order is placed and then they ship it to your home...AND they do it all at an incredible value without skimping on handmade workmanship or materials. I am so proud to be working with them.

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dstoutholcomb said...

Lucky enough to have some of David's creations!


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