Monday, June 20, 2016


Sometimes, it can take months to see an actual product I've designed. 

Besides the math thing, it's one of the main reasons I gave up on studying architecture. The length of time you have to wait to begin to see what you've designed take shape is staggering. 

I'm impatient. 

Seeing something come together relatively quickly is a high. I'm addicted to it.

Studying art allowed me to instantly get a glimpse at what I was putting down on paper, molding with a piece of clay or crafting with wood. It didn't mean that what was being created was always stellar, but it certainly gave me something to work with right away. To tweak, finesse, and to fuss over until it was exactly what I had envisioned, or something completely different. Something even better!

Our NEW upholstery line has been such a joyful experience on so many levels. First, getting to design pieces and then seeing them in prototype form in less than a week is beyond thrilling. Since they are manufactured in Illinois, I can e-mail my sketches and be on the phone with the factory the same day. From there, within a matter of days I have a real live piece of furniture I can see and finesse. In some cases, the prototype is so spot on, all that's left for me to do is figure out final fabrics.

I'm so frinkin' excited to introduce you all to our new collections in upholstery. All manufactured in my home state...Illinois. 

Look around at the colors and styles HERE. We'd love to hear your feedback, or if you purchase something for your home...we'd love to see a photo of how you're using it in your room, what tips you have for others and what your favorite design experience has been in putting together your home. 

You can e-mail us and send us your photos here: 

I may use them in a future blog post so you can inspire others with your style!

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dstoutholcomb said...

Button tufted accent and channel seam barrel are my faves

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