Tuesday, June 7, 2016

part two...

I knew when putting together the Father's Day gift guide of favorite stuff that it wouldn't be enough. There had to be a part 2.

So, here are a few more items that Dad would look extra swell with. Once again...Baxter, your focus should be shoes!

A great blazer can can do so much in making even the most casual of outfits look more pulled together. A navy blue one, well that's a classic staple that Dad should have. As you know from the previous Father's Day gift guide, I'm a shorts wearer. Once I toss on a blazer, it can make even my most SoCal attire feel a bit more buttoned up. This one from CLUB MONACO is the perfect mix of slightly slim tailoring, classic style with a modern touch. 

At some point, every man should own some real life art. Not just a poster of a car taped to the wall. Next to the poster, add something original. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be something that you love and that all your other friends also don't have...taped to the wall. INTA KRUKLE (art pictured in the left) I've know for decades. She's a friend, a brilliant photographer and an even more talented collage artist. Her one of a kind pieces have caught the eye of the curator of photography at LACMA and her pricing is a tremendous value for this kind of work. I met JAIME DERRINGER appox eight years ago in New York. She was just starting a little blog called Design-Milk. Maybe you've heard of it? Of course you have, cause it's huge and she's a rock star. Her personal artwork is modern, fresh and extremely personal. Both these artist are not only talented...they are wonderful, modest and kind people. 

Dad needs a place to sit down. And since he's all kinds of stylish, his butt deserves to be resting on something just as swell. Our NEW line of upholstered furniture I've designed, is made in Illinois (My Home State!) by dedicated local craftspeople. They custom make each piece by hand and turn out a product I am proud to put my name on. 

Once he's sitting, it would be nice for him to put his feet up. I really into an oversized ottoman and these guys are big. Perfect for not only putting his feet up, but as additional seating, OR grouped together with a tray on top can create a versatile coffee table.

Baxter, here's another shoe opportunity for you. I need new ones. Love these. Let's get it done. Yes, they are expensive. Very. If a guy can afford it, he should have one pair of great lace up dress shoes that he takes care of. These are immaculately hand crafted in England with the finest Scotch-grain leather. Yep, the Scotch gets me every time. They will never go out of style. I love everything about them.

Full disclosure. I don't wear a watch. I used to, but kept banging it and with all the furniture moving, painting and general DIYing. It would get a little more "aged" than I'd like. This one is really swell. It's from Detroit and it comes in this cool little wooden box. It's nice when things come in boxes. It's a classic.

Everything this company makes I want. OK, maybe not the hair care cause...well, you know. But, the way it all smells. The packaging. The ingredients. Dad needs some.

I tend to travel light. The goal is to always carry-on what I have. My luggage consists of a roller bag that fits in most overhead compartments and a leather bag that I can easily fit under the seat. If I didn't already have that area of my life covered, I'd be coveting this backpack


dstoutholcomb said...

Oxfords, not Brogues. (Sorry, can't help myself--hope you know the pop culture reference)


angelo said...

D- Love it! Ha! -A

Jaime said...

Hey thanks, friend! Hope to see you again soon :)

angelo said...

Jaime- Hope to see you soon as well! Your work is gorgeous, just like you.

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