Wednesday, July 6, 2016

design geek crush

"If there's something that keeps tugging at your heart and showing up 
in your life, there is probably a reason." -jan mccarthy

Trends are kind of boring, right?

I mean, it's great to see what's currently happening and how it may or may not be something we are able to integrate into the way we live, but honestly...most of the time I find the idea of chasing a trend uninspiring. 

It's not that I don't love observing what's new, I do. A lot. It's just that we should be able to be OK with still loving a pattern or design idea that has been deemed "out of date." Or looking at a trend that's really "HOT" right now and thinking, "Wow, that's some sort of ugly. No matter how many experts tell me it's really in."

Don't EVEN get me started on "Rules" when it comes to decorating/design/art, as if it's an exact science. 

You know what's exciting? Creativity. All kinds. The kind of creativity that's personal. It makes you feel like something is happening that has a singular voice. The voice of the the artist making it without looking over their shoulder for outside approval. 

You know the kind. 

You can hear it in a song you love that isn't playing everywhere, or the movie that may not be the next installment reboot of the previous reboot, or the damn all the naysayers, I still DO love a good Paisley. Even the Granny looking kind.

Sometimes, that singular voice hits a chord and takes off. It becomes part of the larger, popular conversation. It doesn't make it any less exciting. It's exciting that more people get to fall in love with it.

My friend Jan McCarthy has embodied and done many things in her life but she's always been an artist first. Her new work is extremely personal and she's turning some of it into wrapping paper. I'm obsessed with the wrapping paper. I want to wallpaper with it and then Jan said, "Wait! I'm turning it into wallpaper soon." 

Jan, I'm patiently waiting.

Read more about Jan and her work HERE.

Go forth and be creative!    -angelo

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dstoutholcomb said...

would you believe I've never lived in a home with wallpaper!

a dark red paisley is my favorite

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