Wednesday, August 24, 2016

telling stories...

I've been moving furniture again. 

Currently, the rooms of my home look like a furniture that is getting ready to open in a few days but everyone isn't convinced that all will come together in time.

I've got piles of things in one corner waiting for their turn to be *put in* play and in another corner things look somewhat in order.

Every time I move stuff around, I always discover something new. Each room takes on a different feel. The whole house starts to tell a different tale. So much of what I love about the things that I have collected over the years is that each piece has a worn, slightly faded story to it. That story gets that much more highlighted and enhanced when it up against something new. Something with clean simple lines and a modern style.

Right now, there are a few items I'm really digging and using in my own home as I continue to re-tell where I am at this point in my life...because our style stories are always evolving!



dstoutholcomb said...

you have fab style!


angelo said...

Denise- Thank you!

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